AFORO - Shape Analysis of Fish Otoliths





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Optimal otolith photo

1. Upload only one image of the left sagitta. The image must be from the internal side (medial or proximal) of the whole otolith. The internal side presents the sulcus acusticus (a groove along the surface of the sagitta).

Right side (medial or internal side) Wrong side (external side)

2. To obtain a good representation of the sagitta contour, the image must be well contrasted. If is possible the background should be homogeneous black.

Right background Wrong backround

3. Sagitta position. The dorsal side (D) of the otolith must be placed in the dorsal position of the image. The anterior or rostral side (R) must be located in the right side of the image.

Right position Wrong position 1

Wrong position 2

4. Image must be TIFF or PNG.

5. Preferentially, image can be in greyscale and 640X480 pixels size.